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Admission to the school

The admissions criteria for the Sixth Form are as follows:

  • Students should achieve eight GCSE passes in full courses at grade 9 – 5, including Mathematics and English Language
  • A Grade 7 or better is desired for a place on his or her chosen course and a Grade 6 is essential
  • Students should achieve a Grade 7 7 in Trilogy Science and at least a Grade 6 in Maths to study science A Levels
  • Students who have not studied a subject at GCSE and who wish to take up that subject at A level will be able to discuss and explore this as a possibility on a case by case basis
  • Students who have studied non-GCSE qualifications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

Further details regarding course offer, subject specific entry criteria, course content, examination boards and the Langton Extended Curriculum can be found under the Academic and Supercurricular tabs.

Entry into the Sixth Form

The School has a mixed Sixth Form. Priority will be given to existing students transferring from Year 11 as long as they apply before the deadline of 1st March and as long as they meet our entry criteria. It is important for students to rank us as their first choice school. The admission number for external candidates will be 80, but this figure may be exceeded in the event that this, the number of internal students transferring into Year 12 and the number of students transferring into Year 13 are less than the overall total figure for the Sixth Form, which is 400. 

The school is an academic institution where the expectation is that students will achieve top grades at A Level. 

Where learners have achieved better results than their predicted grades, they will be considered based on the grades achieved and ranked accordingly for any places that become available as a result of other learners failing to meet the required entry levels.

Oversubscription Criteria

Following the admission of internal students transferring from Year 11, all remaining places will be allocated to students who have met the entry requirements for the particular course of study. Where there are more students seeking places than the number of places available, the oversubscription criteria will be applied in the order set out above to rank students, until the overall figure for the year group is reached.

After a place has been offered the school reserves the right to withdraw the place in the following circumstances:

  1. When the parent or learner has failed to respond to an offer within a reasonable time (2 weeks).
  2. When a parent or learner has failed to notify the school of important changes to the application information
  3. The place was offered on the basis of a fraudulent or intentionally misleading application from the parent or learner.

Offers and Appeals

Offers will be made on the basis of predicted performance at GCSE, with the requirement that the above grades are achieved in the final examinations prior to entry to the Sixth Form and the student’s chosen subjects can be accommodated on the timetable in feasible group sizes.

All offers made during Year 11 are conditional on students meeting the grade criteria specified and will only become firm offers upon confirmation of actual GCSE results.

Offers will be made via Kent Choices before the end of May. Offers will be confirmed once the school has seen verification of GCSE results in August. Where students have achieved better results than the predicted grades, they will be considered based on the grades achieved and ranked accordingly for any places that become available as a result of other students failing to meet the required entry levels.

Parents have a statutory right of appeal, should an application for a place be refused, by writing to the Local Authority, Legal and Democratic Services.

Application process

All applications to Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar should be made via Kent Choices.

We will consider applications made after March 1st on a case-by-case basis.  

KCC Admissions Arrangements