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Further Information and Resources for Parents

The links below are to independent sources of careers guidance and information and have been selected to help you support your child with career development and future planning.

Parents are also welcome to contact the Careers Lead directly with any questions.

UCAS: Higher Education Advice for Parents & Guardians

UCAS: Parent, Guardian, and Carer Guide

Student Finance Guide for Parents

Higher Education: Parents’ Guide

Amazing Apprenticeships: Parent & Carer Zone

Apprenticeships: Support for Parents & Guardians

Labour Market Information

Labour Market information helps provide data and statistics about the present and future employment and industry trends. It is used to inform the careers provision at the school as it enables students to make informed decisions about their future and helps them understand the current job market and which skills are in demand.

LMI Resources:

Start Profile: Kent & Medway LMI

CXK: Top Ten Jobs in Kent

Vacancies & Jobs in the UK

National Careers Service Job Profiles

Get Involved

We are always keen to engage with parents and carers who are interested in helping us inform and educate students about careers. Parents and carers have previously given careers talks, taken part in mock-interviews, undertaken careers mentoring, or offered to facilitate work-experience.

If you would be happy to be involved in the careers programme, please contact the University & Careers Lead at scavey@langton.kent.sch.uk.