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To supplement our programme of careers education and guidance, all students have an account on the Unifrog careers platform, giving them access to an extensive range of careers and progression information.

Students are encouraged to utilise their Unifrog account to research and shortlist pathway choices and will be able to access advice and guidance about their options at each transition point. The Unifrog platform is designed to help students to make informed and well-prepared choices about their future pathway, whatever it may be. With access to the extensive Careers and Subjects libraries, all students will be able to explore their interests and identify how to reach their goals. As plans start to take shape, students can use the further education, university, or apprenticeship shortlisting tools, make use of the CV or Personal Statement builder, or identify how to develop their key transferable skills for more successful applications. 

Students will be given support with the Unifrog platform in form time throughout the year. They will also be able to log-in any time on any device if they wish to continue their future planning in their own time.

Sign in to Unifrog ​HERE