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Our Pathways offer specialist for students applying to competitive courses and universities and run at lunchtimes:

Medics, Dentists, Vets (MDV) Programme has typically resulted in 100% success rate in securing offers in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine for the last 8 years.

Oxbridge Programme has resulted in 42% of students who apply receiving offers.

Pathway to the US and Ivy League has resulted in yearly increases in applications to these highly prestigious and competitive institutions in the US.

Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) Programme introduces students to the world of economic, political and philosophical thought.

Philosophy, Psychology and Linguistics is an exciting and unique preparation programme aimed at students who wish to develop their appreciation of these subjects and for those who may wish to take this new flagship course at Oxford.

Law will encourage students to explore the legal system and the opportunities available as a solicitor or barrister.

STEAM and Engineering will provide fantastic preparation for those wishing to gain experience in architecture, engineering careers and emphasises the importance of our Langton Value of creativity in driving science forwards.

Creative Media will enable students to create their own film and hold their own premiere, showcasing their scriptwriting, acting, musical, set design, costume design and film editing skills.  What will you do as part of the ‘Bigger Picture’?

Journalism will provide students with first-hand experience of the principles of the press and encourage students to write their own articles which will be reviewed and published.

Finance, focusing on developing skills in Economics and Business Studies and running alongside our exciting Langtonomics initiative, this pathway will embed practical skills in addition to opportunities to research and debate changes in the global financial market.

Creative runs across the curriculum and will foster and showcase the skills necessary to design the world of tomorrow through links to architecture, the environment, fashion and textiles, sculpture and fine art.

Global also runs through the curriculum, ensuring that students have access to a wide range of perspectives and opportunities to develop their linguistic skills whilst working alongside academics at the top of their field and networking with those working in our global economy.

Degree Apprenticeship has resulted in increasing numbers of students accessing these highly competitive courses.